Woolies coffee pods

One night after work I happened to pick up some coffee pods and was out and I wassn’t going to get a Nespresso order any time soon. I  I’m not fancy and a bit curious so  I grabbed some home brand coffee pods at Woolies. None of the others I have bought in the past were on special so I figured these were going to be ok. I hadn’t struck a particularly bad pod yet.

These onesare abut 40c a pod as opposed to 70ish cents a pod that the Nespresso ones. The coffee is a bit harsher too. I had to add sugar which I never have in coffee unless it’s terrible or I’m crazy tired. Sorta like having your face ripped off rather than having someone gently pat you on the head. I think it’s because the coffee quality wasn’t great rather than the fact the pod was cheap. I have nothing against cheap coffee but I like a good cup.

I wouldn’t really buy it again. I’d rather buy a bottle of Nescafé Gold and enjoy what I’m drinking rather than drink this.

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