Film Friday – Coco

I mentioned to one of the girls at work I was looking for a movie to watch with the kids. She recommended Coco to me and it sounded interesting.

It’s good. Really good. It’s bright and so very full of colour and music. Something about it made me unexplainably happy. It sort of follows the dramatic leanings of the Spanish and Mexican soap opera. The other really cool thing is is gives a very basic explanation of Dias De Muertos (Day of the Dead) which for me made me research more about this holiday.

The kids didn’t really watch it though, well Hunter did but it wasn’t his thing. Not enough dinosaurs and it relies a lot on emotions. I loved the shit out of it. I would purposefully go out of my way to watch it again and it’s a good feel good movie to add to a family line up. After speaking to a lot of people at work, even those without kids, they loved it too. Most people mentioned Cocos dog whom ended up **spoiler alert** as his spirit animal. Everyone loves an underdog.

It’s definitely worth a watch even if you don’t have kids.

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