I do it on the daily. They treat me really nicely….

So first and foremost a tarot girl and one of the things that helped me develop my skills was daily tarot draws. In the beginning it was one card a day to give me an overall gist of how the day will go. One card and it gave me good practice at interpreting each card  and confidence in reading because believe it or not it can be a bit unnerving reading cards. It also means you get to know your deck pretty well. If you have a new one to play with daily draws are a winner.

Your daily draw is only as difficult as you make it. Single cards or multiple cards as you see fit. Most days I pull 3 cards. A card for what I need to know today. A card for how I can serve my higher purpose that day and an oracle card for a general overview of the day. Its the amount that works for me and as I said you pull the cards you need to for that day. No specific lay outs or shenanigans just as many cards as you like. Boom! You have a snap shot of your day and better understand your tarot deck.

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