People can be garbage

Lots of things inspire the things I do. I look at certain YouTubers with regards to my reviews and how I do them. I look at certain people on social media because I like the way they use the platform. I am inspired by people everywhere.

Lately though I have been inspired from a really wierd place. I have been inspired by hate. Having heard people judge, ridicule and be nasty to my children or others for having a disability has inspired me. Inspired me to be a better person. Inspired me not to be an asshole. Like Michelle Obama said “when they go low, we go high” and even though she was talking about politics it still rings true.

Most recently I’ve heard a lot of people spout some ignorant stuff about our kids not being bright. From the outside I can see why you would say that when it comes to our kids. Our daughter will run and would run onto the road because she’s more concerned with what she’s feeling and doing rather than that pesky business of cars on roads or getting lost. Our son has executive funtioning issues in his brain so his working memory sucks and his thought processes on some things aren’t the greatest. He sometimes struggles with stuff most people would find easy. This doesn’ t make either of them stupid. My daughter is pretty much teaching herself Manderin through watching cartoons and our son is a shark facts machine. They just aren’t smarty pants academic kids or sports stars winning lots of awards. See this sort of thing seems to matter to some people.

Now it would have been really easy to jump up and down and scream and shout. So very easy but sometimes it’s more effective to speak quietly and stand your ground. Go high. Dont buy into other peoples ignorance. More than that I’m finding myself working harder to be more inclusive and to call out ignorance. Not always grand gestures but a little here and a little there until it all builds up. How are things ever going to change if we all just stay quiet and say ‘that’s not ok’ or ‘someone should do something’ after the fact in our small groups. You don’t have to shout at the top of your lungs but a tap on the shoulder, quiet word and and lending support when it matters can also help. Don’t be like the jerks. Do better. Be the example.

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