Spring clean

In anticipation of this simple life challenge I decided that I needed to do a pre emotive strike. I needed to get in and give things a bit of a tidy and once over so it wouldn’t be so bone crushingly hard later.

This is depressing because it’s not until you really try to deep clean your house do you realise how gross it actually is. I don’t mean where you give it a wipe, mop and a vaccum. Scrub the shower and all that jazz. I’m talking getting into the back corners or everything and really going to town. You don’t realise how much junk you actually have and  how much you save ‘just in case’. If you haven’t used it by now chances are you probably aren’t going to.

I also think that by doing a spring clean I’m some how trying to convince myself it’ll some how make the challenge easier. It’ll be less work or it’ll some how reduce the work of each month. See January is all about organising and setting up ‘zones’ and systems of how to get things done. If I tidy now somehow it might not be so badand then by the time I get to March and it’s about slow cooking and what produce we use, it’ll somehow make it not as hard.

It’s rubbish. No matter how much I try to lessen the blow or prepared I’ll have to face the fact that we have too much stuff or that maybe we’re not doing things in the best way that we could.

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