The Falsies push up mascara

Like always I was at the chemist digging through the discounted make up bin when I came across a Maybelline mascara for $5. Who was I to say no! The Falsies Push Up Angel mascara sounded awesome and a little reminiscent of the Victorias Secret Angels (not that I like Victorias Secret. Boo!). Coonsidering this Mascara is normaly worth $20 I say bargain.

The mascara wand itself is wierd. It looks a bit like a rumble roller you’d see in a gym. The thing is though without bristles the wand never gets cakey and I’ve had no issue with clumping. The mascara also does exactly what it claims to and that is push your eyelashes out and up. They look 10 times larger and longer than they normally would. Going back to my normal Rimmel mascara I feel pretty disappointed in my trusty blue tube.

The only downside is that it’s a little flakey and transfers slightly.  I’m used to wearing waterproof mascara because my day involves a lot of sweating and I rub my eyes. Since this isn’t a waterproof one I rub my eyes and get a little panda eye action happening. Also if you wet your face she runs like a noir movie poster. Definatly not wearing it to the wedding I’m attending one the weekend. This mascara also slightly flakes and I noticed that from a hard road test at work (all my make up cops a flogging at work). The flaking bothers me less because of how long and dark it makes my lashes look.

All in all if you’re willing to deal with a little fall out this is an awesome mascara. I might not buy another tube unless they have a waterproof formula. If it does come in waterproof move over Rimmel there’s a new bitch in town.

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