Braving the Wilderness

I picked up a book by author Brent Brown at the library the other day mostly because I hear her talked about a lot. Mostly by Oprah (she was on the Super Soul podcast) and other people in the personal growth field. I figured it was worth a go even though I was going for the much talked about Daring Greatly.

I was mildly disappointed. This book was about vulnerability and people’s need to fit in. Something that I know I struggle with because I never feel like I quite fit in. There was valuable information in here about how to manage the insecurities people feel around fitting in. You also get the sense she LOVES both Oprah and Dr Maya Angelou.

The disappointment comes because while it’s cohesive and informative it’s not meaty. There is no real guts to get stuck into. It’s like a printed set of lecture notes where you have to attend the lecture to get the other half of the information.

All in all a good book I just would have liked it to have a bit more oomph.

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