Batman and Harley Quinn

So I reviewed the Justice League movie for my upcoming film review part of this blog. I mentioned on my Facebook page and to a frew people I thought Batman in it was shit and I didn’t like Ben Affleck in the role. Literally my mate Michael (hey Mickey) stopped talking to me for about a week. He loves Batman. So between Mick and another guy at work (Hey Conner) I got a few recommendations on some not so mainstream Batman movies to watch. This was one of them.

Now I know nothing about the DC universe apart from watching Justice Leauge and watching the mainsteam Batman movies. I was a bit dubious and unsure of what I was going to get since it was animated and everything but the movie was pretty good. There is a threat to Gotham and Batman and Nightwing (Robin levelled up) can’t exactly solve it because they can’t predict Poison Ivys moves. They call on Harley Quinn who it out of prison and trying to go legit. Tooing and froing ensues, Harley saves the day and job done.

I really liked the movie because while Batman is surly as hell he’s not a prick. Yeah he seems to be over it all like in the Justice Leauge movie but he doesn’t seem to be an asshole. I also like the fact you see Harley Quinn trying to go straight and only a slight nut. She and Nightwing have a bit of a moment which is awkward and cute and I’d totally on board for that. In fact Harley is the only problem I had with the whole movie.

Now in speaking to the people at work who know about the DC universe I mentioned that I thought Nightwing and Harley was cute and one guy replied “…but Harley Quinn is a slut. She sleeps with everyone”. I was like woah hold on that’s harsh to start because I dont use that word really. One further investigation I find yes, she is rather friendly with a lot of people and does get played off as being a bit of a ditz. Now for a woman who was a former psychologist good enough to be bought into Arkham Asylum to treat The Joker why in Gods name is she played off as a dummy? Womans gotta have some smarts. She’s got to have the same brains going on as Wonder Woman so what gives?

Harley Quinn problems aside I think it’s a good light watch. It’s not a live action movie so there is no stars you’ll recognise but it’s still good for a bit more background on Batman if super hero movies are your jam.

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