You’re setting yourself up for Christmas. Got all your presents, got work sorted, and know where you’re going. Then that person shows up. The one person in your family that has to blow it all up. They want to change everything at the last second even though they have weeks to have their shit sorted out, they want to hate on everything or they want to turn the whole holiday into a competition. Too much tonsel, too many ornaments and next thing you’re looking at a Griswold type Christmas.



Well apparently Christmas does actually make people slightly crazy. True story. I even found an article by a psychologist in New Zealand saying so.  Christmas parties kicking off earlier and earlier (ours was November but then I work in hospitality so not that wierd) , people wanting to have the most perfect Christmas and make it look like all the movies and magazines you see. Trying to give the kids exactly what they asked for and make it like the song says “the most wonderful time of the year”. That and they also proved Christmas music is pretty much literal torture.

No wonder people are going nuts.

As I said I work in hospitality and so does my husband and it’s a given one or both of us will work some portion of Christmas Eve/Day and Boxing Day. It’s just gonna happen even though for some people its unthinkable. For us the day is more about kicking back, seeing people and having a good time. Even when I host Christmas I’m not about making things all super amped and mega pressurised. It’s just not worth my stress and mental health particularly when this time of year at work is batshit insane. So, if you come to ours for Christmas you get a chill easy Christmas. If I want Christmas movies and music I keep that to myself because I know not everyone will want to be exposed to it (except Die Hard. It’s not Christmas until Hans Gruber goes of Nakatomi tower). I also know the holidays can be pretty hard for some and while I’m not about to stop saying Merry Christmas I’m not going to shoving festivities down peoples necks.

I think it comes down to balance. Keeping a level head because while it’s wonderful Christmas Day is one day of the year. It’s mostly about kids anyway and I’d rather 1 heartfelt present than 50 to prove how Christmassy you can be. No one wants socks and jock to make up the present numbers.

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