Don’t worry about the vase? What vase? That vase.

So when you start to get into Tarot cards you find that there are oracle cards. I’ve heard oracle cards referred to as tarot lite which isn’t really fair. I’ve also heard the called wisdom cards which is far more accurate. Oracle cards are different to tarot cards in so far as they cover a lot of general concepts and nothing too specific. What is covered changes from deck to deck and is very theme based. So for example the Sacred Rebel deck  by Alana Fairchild is about living an authentic and inspired life. Anything by Doreen Virtue is going to involve angels. So much like tarot cards there is an oracle deck out there to suit who you are. I like the Sacred  Rebel deck and yesterday I actually bought the Mythic Oracle deck.

There is also no set number of cards with oracle cards. Tarot is set at about 78 cards but due to the independant creation  decks they have no set number of cards. There is only as many as the creator thinks they need to express their concept and idea.

Is one system better than the other? No. not really. it’s whatever you feel at home with most. I like tarot because they are really specific and for me reading them is alike econd nature. It’s easy. Oracle cards mean I actually have to learn something and I can’t be as specific. I like them but it’s not my favorite method of divination.

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