Gel Lip Mask

One night after work I was rolling through Kmart looking for something to make me feel good after a long ass week. I came across a whole new section I’d never seen of gel products. What caught my eye was a gel lip mask. It felt squishy through the packet so instantly I was intrigued.

It’s turns out that inside the packet is a solid one piece gel mask. Think a cross between the gel in the bottom of a Petri dish and lolly lips. Cool cool. The thing is it doesn’t just cover your lip area oh no! It covers your lips and about 2cm over the edge of your lip line so it’s a bit Heath Ledger in Batman when you have it on.

So I sat in the bath and left this thing on my lips waiting. I mean initially it felt nice but not overly hydrated just really wet. The gel was cool and I wondered if you could re use it just as a compress (FYI you can’t). So after the required 10 minutes I took it off. My lips just felt wet and moisturised but that’s all. No extra hydration and no change to any rough bits on my lips.

All in all I was a bit disappointed but considering it was super crazy cheap I’m not surprised. I’d buy it again if I was having a silly pamper day or shits and giggles but I’d rather buy a thick lip balm and slather that on if I was going for actual lip repair and hydration.

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