Shape of Water

Adam and I sat down and watched this one afternoon because it looked interesting. It’s by Gulliermo del Toro who did Pans Laberynth and Hellboy so you know it’s going to be lots of special effects make up and visual awesomeness. Not surprising since one of the directors many credits includes special effects make up.

So story goes a mute woman works at a some sort of government facility. She falls in love with one of the specimins there. They escape, it’s nice but ultimatly goes horribly wrong. Her life before the creature enters gets set up pretty quickly. You get sucked in pretty quick by her, her cute flat above a picture theatre, her neighbour and his cats, and the day to day of her life. I found myself. The other thing is that when you see Elisa at work you can relate to the fact she has a pretty pedestrian job with a bit of a jerk as a boss in the end.

As the film goes on you sort of forget one of the main characters isn’t really a human. I found myself being angry at the way the creature is being treated and excited for his eventual escape. It’s also really cool how everyone rallys around to make that happen. Heads up there is a human/creature sex scene but it’s not wierd and it’s not crazy graphic. Apart from the fact it’s in a shittonne of water I didn’t really notice.

Even with the sad but not sad ending it’s a gorgeous, visually appealing and I think really cute. If you want a bit of a different quirky movie this is it.

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