Have you ever heard people say their chakras are out of alignment?

Some people believe there are energy ‘stores’ within your body called chakras. Depending on which tradition you’re from (seemingly starting in the Hindu vedic texts) there is about 5 -7 tiny spinning vortexes of energy. The idea is that they all ideally spin in harmony with the others and if one is a bit off kilter then you start to get sick and you’re energy is off.

Most commonly you hear about the 7

  1. Root chakra – sense of self
  2. Sacral chakra – place of self
  3. Solar plexus – self confidence
  4. Heart – compassion
  5. Throat – speaking your truth
  6. 3rd eye –  psychic energys
  7. Crown – place of universal energy

So the idea is that if these are in fact out of alignment they can be brought back in. Think of it as an energetic wheel alignment. Each chakra is supposed to correspond with a colour, pitch, crystals chants and healing. Each one of those things can bring you back to square. I’m not kidding. If you look up most crystal books or get on the Googles they will give you a listing for what crystals correspond to what chakras. Also in iTunes I was able to download an album of sound therapy instrumentals that have one track for each chakra. There is a tonne of stuff out there on how to get your chakras all spinning and whirring together.

Do I think it’s a thing? Possibly. Things are made of energy and matter. Do I believe that they have overriding effects on your body and are responsible for disease and disfunction? Not particularly.

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