…Dr Karl Science Hour

If you’re looking for a fun, general knowledge, not too serious science podcast this is it. The podcast is the posting of Triple Js longest running radio segment. Dr Karl the knower of a lot of things along with a co-host and sometimes special guest talk science. People call and text in with their questions and sometimes answers/confirmations and the good Doctor answers it.

I have to say I love this podcast. I have been listening to it for a while and this post just gave me an excuse to listen to what I’ve missed out on. I have learnt both penguins and frogs have knees. Also that sharks can redirect blood flow to their stomach and use the extra warmth to break down food quicker and eat more. More recently when Bill Bailey was on they talked about the Bar-tailed Godwit who can fly for over a week without touching down and it partially digests its oen organs to do it (thats not in the wiki link) AND then regenerates those lost bits once it gets to where its going. Fuckin what. Timelord bird or what.

So if you’re after some random learning and fun this is the podcast for you.

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