Keeping Mum

One morning I got up really early to do some writing and flicked on the TV. This gorgeous movie popped on where it was a young pregnant British woman alone on a train.  Lovely scene with a cup of tea only to see her giant leather steamer trunk was leaking blood. Dun dun DUN!!

It wasn’t that sort of movie. It’s actually a comedy with Rowan Atkinson as a bit of a lost parsh preist, Kristen Scott Thomas ass his wife and Patrick Swayze as a golf pro. It also has the late great Dame Maggie Smith which is pretty funny. She does funny well for an old duck.

It’s sort of a murder mystery comedy. You sort of don’t quite know whats happening until the last third of the movie where everything falls into place and starts making sense. Then it’s all bloody hilarious. Seeing a sweet old lady dragging a body up a quiet village road is pretty funny.

If you’re a fan of British comedy and want a bit of a giggle this is the movie for you. It’s not big laughs and make you wet your pants laughing but it’ll m ake you laugh all the same.

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