Country music

After a bit of a pause I’m back on the new music train. This time around I picked country music which is pretty random. I figured I liked the occasional song so I should be good. I was wrong. Very wrong. I do not like country at all. Well, thats sort of a lie. Like I said I liked the occassional son but there’s something about the pitch or the tone of the singers voices that are like cheese graters on my ear drums.

Straight out the gate I don’t like Johnny Cash. There I said it I don’t like the man in black. I like his songs Tennessee Stud and Folsom Prison Blues but the rest isn’t my cup of tea. What I will say is before you lay heat on me for this is a) have you ever listened to his music? For actual factual real? If yes I’ll take your abject horror. If no go away and b) are you horrified because Cash is considered a legend rather than the fact you like his work. Kinda like raving on about how you like a popular novel when you secretly think it’s hot garbage (hello Da Vinci Code. I’m looking at you).

I do however like Dolly Parton. Go figure. I think the song The Gambler is solid life advice and I can say that I have never in my life metephorically counted my money sitting at the table. Not ever because it’ll wind you in too much strife as the song suggests.

No matter what country or what sub genre I can see country music isn’t the thing for me.

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