I wanna rock and roll or night.

So last time I spoke about crystals it was about why they do or not work. This time I wanted to talk about what I think are the basic beginners crystals if you’re into that sort of thing.

  1. Clear quartz – It’s the equivalent to a tiny amplifier. Clear quartz is an all purpose crystal. A bit like the paw paw cream of crystals. It’ll do just about any job you need it too and boost any stone you pair it with.

2. Amethyst – This is the bubble bath of crystals. It’s cleansing, purifying and calming. It’ll also help hone your intuition and and bring the focus in and protect you.

3. Obsidian –  Want to suck the bad ju ju right off you? Obsidian is your thing. Think psychic vaccum cleaner and buffer against your own shitty thoughts. Feeling a bit ike a balloon flying about all over the place like mad person? Obsidian will sit your ass down and keep you grounded.

4. Citrine –  this crystal is the energetic equivalent of an uplifting pop song. This is the Single Ladies of crystals. It encourages energy and fortune, banish bad vibes and a bit of a pick me up. Chuck it in your pocket when you’re ready to get it done. Combine it with Carnelian for a bit of a creative boost and getting projects finished.

5. Rose Quartz –  the soft pinky tone of this crystal gives its properties away. It’s about love of all kinds. Self love, romantic love, relationships. The whole shebang. Egyptians thought it got rid of wrinkles. Deepens connections and relationships and heals disappoinments.

6. Adventurine – This is one of my favorite crystals. Adventurine is a lucky stone. Wallet need a boost? Bank balance looking a bit sick? This stone is thought to attract prosperty and weath. Teamed with citrne an you’re onto something special. Adventurine is also about releasing old patterns, calming quick tempers and understanding nature more.

7. Blue agate – This will make you be like Elsa from Frozen and let it go, let it go. Blue agate acts like an emotional face lift promoting unconditional love and soothing confusion. You want to enjoy your own version of said Disney princesses castle with freedom and serentiy? This is it and will calms nerves helps to rid yourself of negative emotions.

8. Tiger eye – nervous about a date, job interview or meeting someones parents? Tigers eye is what you need. It’s about self confidence and releasing fears or anxiety. Need to get things done or buffer some haters? It will help you balance and achieving goals as well as ward off any hate coming your way. This plays really well with citrine and adventurine to lock in fortune and wellness.

9. Selenite – This is like the clear coat and spray n wipe of crystals. Its the swiffer of crystals. Deepens peace and if you are into spirit guides this will link you in. Selenite is also self cleasing so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it and can be sed to clean other crystals. Like a gremlin though don’t get it wet. Combine it with amethyst if you want to chill out and feel refreshed.

10. Carnelian – if you need a hype man this crystal is this.It promotes self confidence and creativity. It’ll boost your confidence to take risks and see the task through to the end.  I also find when I combine this with some citrine it’s like having a creative redbull. All the ideas come and I have more energy than I can poke a stick at.

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