Happytime Murders

My husband and I were pretty excited to see this movie after we watched the trailer months ago and then were excited again when we realised it was in Foxtel on demand. He’d heard it was like Sausage Party and I just liked the idea. It’s legit muppets too with the son of Jim Henson in on the project.

Yeah, nah, it’s crap and nothing like Sausage Party. there are dirty jokes a plenty but somehow they fall flat. There is one sex joke that relies heavily on silly string and a frosted glass door. Not as funny as you think. It all just seems so over the top and ridiculous. It’s like they have to overplay and point out each joke where as say Sausage Party just relies on th fact you’ll get it.

They have some great humans in it too. Elizabeth Banks, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph. A bunch of really funny people but not even they can save this let down of a movie. I think the thing is that I was expecting something a bit smarter than every joke having a massive glowing sign over it. I wouldn’t even watch this if it was free and I was bored. A total pass.

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