What it is, is

So I keep going on about this simply living challenge and by now you’ve probably figured out the basics. Living a simpler life with a lot more DIY and hippy/home grown elements. So the book I was reading when I decided to take this on broke the year down into each month and each month sort of has a topic that it focuses on. That month has some key points and stuff to work on to become part of this slow living movement.

  • January – organisation
  • Feburary –  money and life
  • March – food revolution
  • April – food gardening
  • May – laundry love
  • June – food storage and preparation
  • July – Simple home bakes
  • August – craft, sew and house linens
  • September – home dairy
  • October – spring clean
  • November – health and well being
  • Dcember – the festive season

Now as mentioned in some previous posts this is a little daunting and I’m not sure what’s going to happen as I roll through each area. The general idea though is that I give you an overview of that months topic, what items I’m making and using, reviewing said items and how I think I did at the end of the month. Then by the first of next year I can comment on the whole thing. Play along at home if you like or sit on the side lines in horror, disgust and amazement (I’m cool with all those that) and see how this whole thing plays out.

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