The New Years Conundrum

We’ve all seen the memes. The pic of Robert Downey Jr rolling his eyes with the caption of “it’s almost time for the New Year New Me posts”. To be fair many people do this. They take the new year as a time to hit the reset button and try and make a lot of positive changes in their lives. That’s cool because making changes and growing as a person is awesome. Then on the other end you get the people posting the snarky “I’ll be the same jerk I was last year” or taking shots at the people who are trying to change. I get the scepticism and snarkiness. I’m a fan of some good snark but I’m not a fan of people puttng down those trying to change their circumstances.

So where do I sit on this scale? Honestly, last year was a bit of a mind fuck. My husband got sick and we were on and off the hospital merry-go-round. It even became a cancer scare at one point which will take 10 years off your life and make you reevaluate you’re entire damn life. Our daughter got her diagnosis of Autism Level 3 confirmed and we’ve started down the road of applying for funding for her. I have Plantar Fascitis now and my arthritis got worse, although I did get honorable mentions in a fitness challange which all seems at total odds to eachother. Our son is improving out of sight but is getting to the puberty thing a bit early so yay for that. I realised a few tings about myself and the people I look up to. It’s been filled with joy and disappointment. It’s all been a bit much I think.

This year I want to be boring. Be a Mum, grow some more as a person, get back into fitness and do more family stuff that other people take for granted. I don’t want to have the best year of my life or be all #hustle #grinderryday. I just want to live and try and do it in the easiest way possible with not as many hiccups this year. You know what? There’s absolutly nothing wrong with that. If you had a massive year and did all the thingslast year there is nothing wrong with just quietly treading down the same path you were on last year. I’m not talking about making no resolutions but I mean it’s perfectly ok to be happy with where your at and just go about your year. Celebrate the ordinary not just shoot for the extrodinary.

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