Highlight Battle

After the popular moisturiser battle I decided to pit several make up highlighters against eachother to find out which one reigned supreme.

Models Own Holo Strobe (ultra violet) $11 – Now I’m not a very holographic person and I’m not mesmerised by all things shiny and foil like. This highlighter though I love. It’s got a sort or iridescent blue shine and it’s a cream that glides on pretty easily and doesn’t make anything powder I wear move. The other thing about this is if I wear it on a no make up day it sorta just blends in to my skin because I’m so damn pale. The only downside is if I put it near my brown bone there it makes it a bit white and can sort of spoil a look.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Strobing Liquid (light) $15.95 – This is the first highligher I ever got. I like it a lot and it puts a faint pink sheen on things. The downside is that it’s easy to squeeze too much out because it’s liquid and it can make a bit of a mess. The other thing is that as a liquid it makes anything set with powder or powder based move on my skin. Why this does but a cream stick highlighter wont is beyond me.

e.l.f baked highlighter (moonlight pearls) $10 – If you want a bad ass highlighter that wont break the bank this is it. I picked it up at Kmart and I have never looked back. It picks up ridiculously well on a brush and will give you the blinding highlight of your life with a few brush strokes. It’s so good that when put up against a $95 highlight on a beauty bloggers video it came out on top. It’s the real deal. Its what I wear every day and it doesn’t like cakey when you pack it on.

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil (how many carats) $56 – I was lucky enough to have been allowed to use a friends compact to test this. I’m not sure where to start. It’s soft on your hand and surprisingly cool to touch. Then when you put it on it’s like a thousand tiny flashes going off at once. The pay off is amazing and creeps up on you. I took a brush, swiped it lightly over the pan and put it on. Under the light in my bathroom didn’t look like much. Went into the kitchen and it was like gluing aluminium foil to your face. It’s blinding as hell and lasted all day. I put it on at 10am and that bitch was glowing strong at 10pm. It’s got some staying power. The only drawback is that you’ve got to get it online cause it’s a limited edition product apparently and my local Sephora was out with no idea if they were restocking.

Ballin on a budget? elf all the way. Got some cash and time to wait? Fenty forever.

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