Blockers is a funny movie. In sort of in the same genre of movie as American Pie, Superbad and Bad Neighbours. Story goes is that sime kids are leaving high school, going to their formal and their parents stumble across a sex pact. Parents decide to stop it and hilarity ensues.

The movie is full of dick jokes and is really a predictable teen movie however at the same time there is a bunch of stuff my husband and I laughed at as parents. There were a few moments when I looked at my husband and sais “..that will be you one day. This is you”. John Cena is awesome as the over protective Dad. He really sells it and its hilarious. Leslie Mann is a slightly smothering Mum which great too. Again it’s really believable because while it’s an overblown ridiculous version of reality it’s still in some ways relatable. You flash back to the way things were was a teenager but then you totally relate to the parents now.

I wouldn’t want to watch it multiple times but it would be good as part of a teen movie marathon.


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