Coffee sachets

For something different every now and then I get some Nescafe coffee sachets. It’s a bit of nostalgia from before I got my Nespresso machine and wanted to have ‘fancy’ coffee.

I know. I know.

So I tried all the flavours except the coconut one you can buy because as a rule while I like coconut scented stuff, I really don’t like coconut flavoured thing. I don’t know I don’t make the rules.

Anyways, I like all the flavours for the most part even if they are super mega sweet (I only put sugar in shitty coffee) . I also find that while the idea is just add hot water because there is milk already in the sachet, I think that you have to add a little extra milk to make it drinkable straight away. I’m kinda spoilt though because I normally drink lattes which are like the throw downs of coffee – milky, and warm enough to just knock back quick. Each sachet also works out to be about 66c a go which is really comparable to a coffee pod and they come in 10 packs, again pretty reasonable to the price of a pod.

Would I choose them over my nespresson machine? Not on a regular basis. If I felt like something a bit different I would because every now and then I get the urge for a caramel latte and I don’t like wasting good barista coffee on that nonsense.

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