This week I thought I’d go with something a bit different. Once you start to admit to likeing crystals, tarot and all that other good ‘Woo’ stuff peoples perceptions of you sometimes change. I’d like to debunk two of those misconceptions

I dont believe in science or medicine – Ah no. I believe in science a lot. I’m all about the black holes and space. I like all the wonderful things that science does to progress the world.  I take medication for my arthritis and bipolar none of which come from herbalist. I am the first person to tell you to see a doctor or a psychologist for a hard extensive diagnosis or proven treatment. Just because I also read tarot or have crystals doesn’t negate this because as much as I love a good crystal I wouldn’t try and cure cancer, disability or mental illness with said crystal or undertake some wierd unproven treatment. I take my stance on this from one of the podcasts I listen to (I wanna say Star Talk with Neil De Grasse Tyson) that just because we can’t prove something right now doesn’t mean it’s not there to be discovered at a later time. I also am a big believer in the fact our brain is a lot more awesome than we give it credit for so who knows what it does as a side hobby.


I’m in league with Satan – Smart ass answer is the pay is shit and from what I hear he doesn’t approve OT. Short answer is no are you on crack?  Tarot cards and metaphysical shit doesn’t have anything to do with Satan. Firstly you gotta believe that there is a devil first which is a whole other thing. Secondly how is God speaking to you through The Bible etc any different to me reading a bunch of cards? I know Tarot cards aren’t ok for some religions and that’s cool. I’m down and if that’s the case I wont discuss them with you but you don’t get to tell me I’m doing something evil because of something you believe. I’m not diagnosing illnesses, trying to cure people, telling them that a higher power will save them/cure them or deny them agency over their own bodies – y’know harmful shit because of something I believe *stares into the camera*  See above where I tell you I’m all about science.

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