Week 2 of Organisation

So last week Adam and I went through the house like two remorseless machines in the name of declutter and organisation. We threw everything out. There are corner units in peices, lounges to be thrown and piles upon piles upon piles of bags of stuff to be taken to the tip. Who knew we had so much stuff!? Believe if or not that was the easy bit!

The concept of a home folder was a lot trickier. Trying to figure out what to put in and what to leave out. The health stuff was easy and a no brainer and so was the calanders, school and food sections. I left out the craft and gift catagories because it’s not an area that we really need to keep that much of a track of. I also added a car catagory because we often have a lot of work that needs to happen on the car.

Now you’d think that because I’m a chef that the meal planning part of this would be easy. Um no. It’s not in my case because the kids only eat a limited amount of stuff and they aren’t very adventurous. So it’s effectivly fnding out the best way to recycles the same few meals in a creative way. The book also suggests doing 8 weeks at a time 3 meals a day. I chose to only do 3 weeks intially to see how adapting to this new way of doing things or needs adjusting as we go. I also chose to semi plan breakfasts and only plan lunch on the weekends. On the weekend I’m home so I can get the lunches but during the week it’s my husband is setting the pace while I’m at work so it’s only fair he decided what he has to eat.

One week in. So far so good.

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