Being married to Adam has taught me a lot of important things. The value of the Rocky franchise, opened my eyes to hawaiian salad and fried eggs on Vegemite toast. More importantly I’ve learned a few life lessons from his crazy ass.

Always be yourself and be proud of it- if I wanna lift weights lift weights. If I want to get into Tarot cards get into them. If you want to have a go at something have a go and fuck what other people think. It’s no one elses life and you have to make yourself happy. If I ever get scared about something he says “do YOU want to do it?” and enourages me to do whatever  it is. Everything from jobs, overtime and trying new hobbies. He also encourages me to be proud of myself when I achieve something awesome or overcome an obstacle. He’s the first one to say I’m proud of you and be proud of yourself even if he had NO idea what I’m on about.

If you have something to say say it – ok, so, maybe this one has got me into trouble a couple of times. Ads is all about saying something if you have something to say. Someone giving you grief? Tell them to back off and back up. For me that’s the bit I get in trouble over because it’s normally to someone who’s a bit overbearing and loud who fights back or is higher up the food chain than me. If someone is being treated like shit I’ll say something. If someone is talking straight garbage I’ll say something. This doesn’t always make you popular but you’re being yourself, standing up for what you believe.

Don’t apologise for being you – if someone wants to put you down, fuck with you and make you feel bad for something that makes you who you are fuck them. I’m not talking about people being concerned for your well being if you’re being self destructive or neglectful. I’m talking about all those people for example who put shit on me and said I’d look like a man because I lift weights. I’m not about to apologise and shrink myself down to make them better because I do something they don’t like. Don’t like the routine I have for cleaning my house or taking care of the kids? Red hair don’t care. I’m not about to apologise or change things that clearly work for us because you don’t like it.

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