Death Card

This is one of those cards that freak people out when they get them in a reading. People see death and lose their shit. Death doesn’t mean actually being incompatable with life. I dont think the fact you see a skeleton or the hooded image of death in a lot of decks freaks people out. I know this card in my new deck is a bit creepy so I titally get the freak out.

I think the misconception comes because people think that this means you’re going to have some catastrophic life event. Well sort of and not really all at the same time. Yes it’s talking about things ending and ‘dying’ as such but not a physical death. It’s more about letting go of things that no longer serve you in any way. It’s a suggestion that maybe you have to put something behind you and move forward. It’s also about reneweal and rebirth so it can also be a prompt to make like Madonna and reinvent yourself and evolve Pokemon style.

Even if you get the card reversed it’s not that big a deal It just means you’re resistant to change. You don’t want to acknowledge the things that no longer are helping you or your life. Alternativly you could be going through this in a private way and evolving on the down low.

So overall it is quite a positive card and no need to hit panic stations if it comes up in a reading.

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