January – overview

Welcome to 2019. This is the first month of the making this our year/ simple living challenge. This month is about getting organised.

First up is inside the house.

I have to get a home folder sorted out with all the relevent information for if we need to call doctors, do the shopping, deal with utilities and access meal plans. Speaking of meal plans the book suggests 8 WEEKS worth of meal plans so we can shop for things on special and in a seasonal way. Next it’s setting up a series of ‘stations’ or dropzones to make things easier to find every day. The idea is that it keeps everything you’d need for a particular task in one area

Then there is spending time mending and fixing things to stop you having to spend money on things that with a little love, is still quite useable.

Then rinse and repeat for the outside of your house.

Now with 2 kids and it having just been christmas it’s going to be interesting. Trying to sort out what needs to stay an what needs to go. I have 2 expanding files too so we can organise both Rivers doctors reports and one to get the house in order. I’m also a bit sceptical about meal planning for 8 weeks to because we chop and change our menu a lot depending on how everyone is feeling and how busy we are.

Then there is the outside. Sweet Jesus I don’t even know where I’m going to start.

Stay tuned……

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