I wont lie the thing that suckered me right in to Pose from the word go was the fabulousness. The colorful, beautiful and shady drag queens in the  promo trailer won me over in a heartbeat. It was a look into a world I know nothing about other than watching a few seasons of Drag Race.

Pose is set in 1980s New York and looks at gay culture at the time. People hiding their sexuality and the existance of the ballroom scene. The balls are in and of themselves are interesting as hell with groups of people or  Houses competing to win different events in a nightclub scenario. The outfits are fabulous, the catagories are amazing and the pagentry will mesmerise you.

Holy shit you’ll do some crying too. From a teenager being kicked out of home for being gay, to a trans woman not being acknowledged by her family and several characters finding out they’re HIV positive and the absolute bleakness of the first HIV wards.  I bawled my eyes out. Getting sucked in by the shiny gittery things only to be kicked in the face 2 minutes later. This show pushes the idea that family aren’t always the people you have blood ties to but the people you find for yourself.  They will support and love you more than anyone. It also shows that the will to survive and thrive is a powerful fucking thing.

I’m not going to pretend I know a tonne about this part of life or try to educate anyone. I know squat really. However I learnt some stuff watching Pose. I Googled some things and learnt a little more. It’s a good show (made by the same guys who did American Horror Story oddly enough) and so worth a watch.

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