The Meg

Our son loves sharks and he loves dinsonsaurs so whn The Meg came on Foxtel it was a match made in heaven. I wasnt sure what to expect. I was thinking somewhere between Jaws and Sharknado. Jason Statham is in it too so I was wondering exactly hwo amny dump trucks of money they paid him to be in this dubious looking movie.

Statham plays a rescue diver who retires after a deep water accident. Cue to a few years later where  his help is needed to rescue someone else trapped with unknown dangers. Statham arrives, people are rescued but shit goes wrong, cue giant sharks etc etc.

The movie was much better than I thought it would be. There are plot holes galore and not everything makes sense. Statham is there with the action guy one liners to cover up said holes and there is just enough science to make you forget about said plot holes. There are some cool special effects that make a couple of massive sharks and even though you know they aren’t real they’re good enough to suck you in. There is also one character who has a habit of saying exactly what you’re thinking while you’re watching the movie which means the creators know exactly how ridiculous and crazy but enjoyable the movie is.

You have to watch The Meg like you would Die Hard or any other acgtion movie. Just suspend belief for a hot minute and allw yourself to get sucked into the action. I have seen this about 4 times and really I haven’t regretted it once.

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