The thing with no legs

So we have a spare room that functions as a bit of a toy room and no matter how much I clean it up it’s always a mess. It’s a minefield of lego and toys that only the brave take on. I’ve given up trying to tidy it because it lasts all of about 10 minutes before there is Lego everywhere and I get sick of picking up literally two 20 litre buckets of Lego. Now because of this there is a no eating in the toyroom rule because finding apple cores buried under Lego sucks.

So this day Hunter is in the toyroom and he starts screaming his head off. Not making the usual happy dinosaur type noises. Real screaming noises and I ask what’s wrong because it could be anything from a dead bug to a rouge bear but most likely a dead bug. He starts yelling “it’s dead! It’s dead” and I’m thinking yep, bug, but then that’s followed up by “’s got no legs and no skin”. Ok so now I’m curious.  We occasionally get lizards in the toyroom and that makes sense but then my gut sinks a bit and I’m thinking “snake? no surely not. Our house is too noisy but snake??”. I mean it is Australia and everything.

So I call out and tell him to get away from it and I head into the toyroom with a roll of paper towel because sure, that’ll work if it’s a snake. Quite carefully I climb my way over the Lego to where Hunter is standing, yelling and pointing. Sure enough there is a round looking thing that infact looks skinless. So I’m becoming more concerned and I bend down for a closer look then start laughing myself silly.

It’s an aging skinless banana. Somehow it’s made it past the no food rule and been dropped probably a day or 2 before in a pile of Lego. It did infact look like a dead skiness something.

Good Lord.

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