…is this the end for our organising hero?

So, it’s week 4 of the Simple Living challenge. This month we cleaned everything out and I mean ev-ery-thing. Got rid of a literal truck load (a pantec moving truck and I think a literal tonne) of stuff. Old corner units, broken toys, stuff we didn’t want or need, old computers that couldn’t be saved, it all went.

The immediate advantage was space. To quote Will Ferrell from Step Brothers  – there was more room for activities. The kids could set up in the toyroom easier and we weren’t just pushing things to the sides of the room to make way for stuff. the whole place was ewasier to clean and not so overwhelming which makes the house almost fun to clean now. The unexpected side effect. The whole house felt brand new. Like it was fresh and had come to life after a long sleep. Everyone had more energy and is still buzzing about. We haven’t had the urge to refill the house with ‘stuff’ to replace the things we threw out I think this again comes down to enjoying how much better the house feels cleared.

Was it easy? No! It tooks us 4 days over 2 weekends to clear all the stuff out then loading it all onto the truck was a lot of work. Was it fun? In the beginning but half way through I realised what a big job it was and it was a bit like ‘holy fuckballs Batman’. Was it worth it? A hundred thousand million percent yes. Do I think it’s sustainable? Yes, because the enjoyment of having a clear, clean, and energetic house is too good.

Next stop – Februrary and money…..

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