Red lipstick

Over the Christmas period I was watching a bunch of best products of 2018 and holiday make up looks on Youtube because it’s what I do when my brain is overloaded. Most of them featured a red lipstick so I thought for the 5 work days leading up to Christmas I was going to wear a red lipstick.

Holy crap. I have never had so many people comment on my appearance. None of them were negative but there was a lot. Most of them were asking me who I was trying to impress. A lot of the women who were complimenting me were asking about the colour and saying how nice is looked. Most of the guys were just taking the piss out of me but not in a bad way. Customers reacted differently to me too, they seemed to be a lot nicer. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I had already got compliments and was feeling nice or that they were actually being nicer.

Now I don’t normally wear lipstick so from nothing to red was a bit of a leap. It’s also a lot of effort because this particular lipstick rubbed off a bit (Nyx lipstick in Electra incase you’re curious) so that was annoying. As a comparison I did wear other pinkish/nude shade and got no other real compliments. I think if I do this again I’ll buy some sort of budge roof liquid lip so I’m not reapplying all the tme.

Wearing red lipstick is a whole other thing. It was fun and seemed to make everyone including myself a bit happier. 10/10 would reommend if you want to feek better about yourself.

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