A Star Is Born (1976)

The whole  reason I watched this is because everyone was watching the Lady GaGa/Bradley Cooper version. I thought I’d get this in first before I watched the new one. Now it’s a remake of a remake which starred Judy Garland no less and nearly on her an Oscar. That surprised the shit out of me.  I was curious how something remade so many times would hold up.

At the start I hated this movie.  I was trying to watch the movie and Barbara Striesand kept singing and her voice annoys the absolute shit out of me. I also hated Kris Krostoffersons character too because he seeme like an entitled bum.  By the end of it when they’re living on their ranch and 100% in love I hate Barbara marginally less but Kris Kristofferson hass completely redeemed himself. I loved his character by the end even if ultimatly it is a sad ending.

I found the movie a bit slow to start and then all of a sudden everything is happening all at once. The story in in its seld doesn’t suck. I also found all the singing boring which is wierd for something that is primarily a musical. If he was singing more than her I’d have been ok with that because I  really don’t buy her as a pop star she is supposed to be in the movie. The rolls should have been a walk in the park for someone who was already a singer and actress. I’m not going to deny parts where great it just didn’t seem to fit together.

All in all if you want some background for the new movie by all means watch it. However I don’t like it as much as a I thought I would and it made me sad as hell.

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