Overnight face masks

Recently as I was going through Woolies on one of my after work runs I was browsing the skincare/cosmetics isle and I found these little Nutrogena pods. Turns out they were overnight face masks. There were two different types hydrating and smoothing. The first one I went for was the smoothing and the second one wass actually given to me (thanks Squid) and it was the hydrating one.

The pod of face mask itself is about the same size as a coffee pod. It’s 10mL in volume and is a single use thing. The one I got cost $5 so that works out to about 50c/ml which isn’t too bad. Now you have to spread it all over your face and neck. It doesn’t rub in so straight off the bat it looks a bit suss. I tied my hair back and spread the opaque gel like shenanigans all over my face. Applying it with a brush would be super handy but I didn’t even think of that at the time. Then you go to bed and sleep with it on. If you’re someone who moves a lot in your sleep or is wierd about pillow cases I’d put a towel over your main pillow. I have kids though and our bed has been spewed in alot so random stuff all over the linen isn’t a big deal.

Now I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but when I woke up my face felt a bit greasy. The first time I wiped the excess off like the pod said and it was great. My skin felt incredible and looked so good. The second time I applied my ususal cleanser to the mask to wash any excess off. Don’t do that because my cleanser turned to gel and it freaked me the hell out. It was also harder to get off any excess. My skin still felt great. It’s worth noting that the hydrating one made my skin so smooth it felt greasy. It wasn’t greasy or shiny but it was soft. Kinda like when you touch a snake and you think it’s wet but really it’s not it’s just soft.

I would  buy this mask again particularly if I had a big event to go to because it felt so nice. For $5 it wont steer you wrong.

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