Remember Pythagoras therom from math class? Well Pythagoras was well into maths as you can imagine and decided that the whole world can be elained by numbers and maths. Things can be predicted and what not and came up with some of the concepts behind it. A guy named Dr Julian Stenton called it numerology though and from what I can find there isn’t that much info on him and my Google Fu is strong so that’s wierd.

So the idea is adding up different numbers associated with your name and or birthdate combine with other stuff will tell you things about your life. So for me I calculated my personal year number for this yeat to be 5personal year number for this yeat to be 5. Fair call. So far I do have more energy and have been making a move toward change and growth. There is actually a great numerology episode on the 11:11 podcast that covers year numbers if you’re interested. The assessment for this so far for my year number is pretty spot on even though it’s just the beginning of the year. You can also do things like life numbers and birth day numbers. Those particular readings didn’t do much for me but that’s ok.

What I did find interesting was when you chart your birthdate in a 3×3 grid. Based on the number of for example 1s in your chart it tells  you more about your life. This grid also has various planes and based on what rows are completly full or absent it adds another layer. This felt a bit more accurate because it sort of didn’t boil down to one numebr because life is a bit more complex for one number.

You can also do destiny numbers with letters of your name but I found that just waaaaay too much.

Do I like numerology? It’s ok for year numbers and it’s cool to look at your chart. Would I get right into numerology like I do Tarot? Probably not. It’s not that interesting for mw however I’m also not that big into numbers.

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