Lush Battle

After the popular moisturiser battle I have decided to do another one. This time I’ll be pitting the moisturisers of Lush against eachother. I’ve been a fan of thier products for years so I’ve tried a few. So sit back and relax and let me walk you through some moisturisers.

Dream Cream 250mL $29.95 – this is one of the first moisturisers I tried and it’s one of my favorites. It smells vaugly of chamomile and is a bit of a Goldilocks texture (not too thin not to thick) The thing I love more than the smell is the effect it has on sunburn. I’m really fair and I get burnt easily. Putting Dream Cream on suburn sooths the heck out of it (that’s the chamomile) and within a day the redness is reduced and my skin hurts less.

Christingle 100g ?? – This is a Christmas special product and I cant fot the life of me remember how much I paid. It smells like peppermint and does that wierd thing where you rub it on and makes your skin tingle and feel cool. I like it however it lacks the magical effect that Dream Cream has on sunburn. It doesnt suck in the slightest though and has that Goldilocks consistancy.

Sleepy 95g $16.95 – the thing I like most about this is the smell it’s got lavendar and tonka bean and the mixture of the two has a bit of a musky grape type thing going on. It’s that same consistancy that most Lush moisturisers seem to have going on. It feels nice going on and always makes me feel relaxed. I think its the scent I like most though and I like it so much I bought a matching body wash.

Rump 225g $34.95 – The consistancy of this one is a lot thicker and more like the consistancy of Nivea Creme. It goes on smooth once its heated up a bit but it takes a bit of effort to rub in. It’s good for chafing which helps in the hotter months and being in hospitality. I don’t find it ultra firming but my skin always feels a bit springier afterwards.

Ro’s Argan 225g $34.95 – This is an in shower moisturiser idea goes that once you’ve cleaned yourself you rub this into wet skin and let it sink in. The concept was wierd as hell and took a bit of getting used to. While I didnt like how it made water bead off my skin the smell is lovely. It’s a really soft rose scent (not my favorite in body products) that made me feel pretty.

King of Skin 75g $12.95 – This is the same idea as Ro’s Argan but solid. Again you rub yourself with the solid block after cleaning yourself in the shower. I like the scent and the effect it has on your skin. I’m just not a fan of the solid shower moisturiser concept.

Best moisturiser by far is the Dream Cream. Anythign that’s going to sooth sunburn and take the sting out is ok in my book. After that I’d probably say sleepy was my favorite based on scent alone. It’s so calming and smooth.

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