Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski is one of those movies. It’s a bit of a cult classic and a lot of peoples favorite movie. It’s totally quotable too with really memorable characters.

It starts with The Dude (the main character) gets beaten up in a case of mistaken identity then spends the rest of the movie trying on unravel the whole thing. He chases down a trophy wife who has apparently kidnapped herself. Sleeps with a woman seduces him to get herself pregnant. His rug gets ruined, is almost run out of town, bowls a bit and in the end buries  a mate.

Like I said its a pretty quotable movie. Everyone knows the meme “Well that’s just your opinion man” with The Dude on it. For all it’s noteriety I don’t like it that much (it’s my husbands favorite movie and this may lead to divorce). I get lost in the plot and I don’t like it. Its not annoying like Clerks (another cult classic I don’t like) I think my brain isn’t on the right frequency to enjoy it. Maybe it’s just entirely too intellectual for me. Who knows. All I know is it makes no sense whatsoever.

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