People have been trying to be guided by the stars for guidance. the idea is that where the planets are in the sky at the time of your birth can determine things about your life. I only decided to delve into astrology after someone in one of the Facebook groups I’m in read me my life using only my birth chart

If you’re not an astrology geek and know how to draw up your chart they are ridiculously easy to do online. Then in all my genius I borrowed Astrology for Dummies from the library but this information is also easy to find on the Internet.

So, the planets position in the sky correspond with a star sign and a ‘house’ or position. Think of the sky being drawn up like a giant pie. Each house shows an area of influence e.g. 3rd house is all about communication. Each planet is an area of your personality e.g. style of communication. Each star sign is how you do that area of your personality e.g. Mercury in Aries mean you’re gonna tell people exactly what you think. There are other things like stellums, chirons and nodes that also affect your chart (that’s when multiple planets are in the same house which is like a glowing neon sign for traits).

Now it’s all a bit technical (even with my Dummies guide) however its not entirely inaccurate. For example if you look at my chart I have Jupiter in Libra in the 8th house which is part of a 4 planet stellum. This says I’m charming, likeable, fair and drawn to the arts. It says that I’ve got a tendancy to be indecisive. So far on point. The house position says that I’ll stand to gain from inheritance, insurance, and businesses I’m in with others. It also shows a deep interest in personal change and I recover from stuff well which is all pretty fair. Having multiple planets in the 8th house means that theme of death, sex, regeneration, other peoples money is pretty much yelling at me. I feel personally victimised by the universe right now.

Would I trust astrology? I wouldn’t write off a good natal chart reading no, and it’s made me want to learn to read charts a little better. When you dig a little deeper into True Nodes it really lines uo with whats happened with my life. Would I rule my entire life by an astrological chart? No, because I wouldn’t stop doing anything because of astrology, tarot cards or anything like that.

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