Round 2 – fight

Toward the end of last year we got a confirmation that our daughter is also Autistic. She’s assessed as level 3 on the spectrum and worse than our son. This means that she’s going to require more support and in her case a lot of it will be because of her speech or lack of speech that makes sense. It also means that we’re now taking a second run at applying for NDIS funding.

This is both a good and bad thing. The NDIS is notoriously difficult to deal with from getting your paperwork in successfully to making sure you get what you need. If you can navigate it though (we did successfully last time) you have access to therapies to help your child. The key is getting through it though and just because we made it through on a smooth run last time it doesn’t mean we necissarily will this time

As I said it’s not an easy process. To get good reports and assessments that covered everything it’s $1500 and at least $600 isn’t refundable. The appointments themselves are draining and slightly depressing because you’re talking about your child deficiencies then watching them do the tests which can be frustrating and draining. Then you’re waiting on phones, filling out paperwork and scanning then sending documents then you wait….and wait…and wait…and wait. It’s just how it works if you want to get things rolling for your kid.

Like I said it’s good and bad. Its good because this time around I know what to do and whos ass to kick when things are going slow. It’s good because I know how to navigate the planning appointments and set everything up. It’s bad because I know how long it takes and how much of a pain in the ass it can be. However at the moment we’re in the waiting phase.

Edit: We recieved word last week that River has been approved for funding. Still there is more waiting until we can get an appointment with a co-ordinator to get everything rilling. Things are rolling and we’ve been incredibly lucky.

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