hand and foot mask

I have this wierd compulsion to buy cheap wierd beauty products at Kmart after work. I don’t know why but I do. So I’d be looking at the foot masks that go on your feet and then all the skin peels off but I didn’t really have the $25 to spend on a foot mask. So instead I bough the cheap Kmart non peeling version – one for hands and one for feet.

The odd thing to start was opening the cream filled booties. It was like putting your hands and feet in wet slimy socks and gloves. I tried to walk but I was slipping and sliding all over the place. There was no way to make it fit your feet better so some went spewing out the top. If you wanted to gross up a pair of socks I think it’d work.

When you take the goo filled socks and gloves off you further have to rub the moisturiser into your feet and hands. There was no crazy out of this world difference. It was niced as an exercise in forced relaxation just make sure you have a spare half hour so you don’t have to slide around in the booties.

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