It’s all about the money, money, money

So I survived Januarys organisation fest and it’s still going strong. This month is all about saving, spending and money in general.

Well, its been interesting.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my personal loan paid out so that’s gone. She’s outta there which frees up a little cash but not a lot. I followed the books recommendations and checked out every discount and payment available to us and if all my super is together. Yes, and yes. We’re taking advantage of everything available to us at this point in time now River has been funded by the NDIS and her therapies can start soon.

Now to unnecissary spending *sucks in breath*

So it turns out coffee isnt the problem. It’s unscheduled trips to the 7-11 near work. Not for big stuff mind you it’s the odd bottle of coke and a chocolate bar but do that enough times and my already tight budget gets sick. Couple that with the fact the shopping is apparently evaporating and we’re restocking things after 2 days and things start to balloon even more. So it’s a good thing that afore mentioned 7-11 is closed for the next month for renovations. Secondly it gets me out of the habit of needing to stop on the way to work. I mean I carry a bottle of water with me and I’m not sure why I’m even stopping. That’s gonna stop meow.

On to week 3!

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