The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

So I feel like I have to defend my choice of movie from the get go. Hunter loves sharks and he also loves the Sharknado movies no matter how bad or ridiculous they are. Me being a good Mum and lover of bullshit movies sat down to watch this.

Reasons OR watching Sharknado – it’s so goddamn stupid it’s brilliant. The CG is terrible and therefore funny as fuck. The cameos are awesome because where else are you going to see Alaska Thunderfuck, La Toya Jackson and Neil De Grasse Tyson in the same movie? People from previous movies are also coming back for the last once which is cool.

Reasons NOT to watch Sharknado –  the acting is terrible. Not so terrible it’s good but just plain terrible. You’ll want the last hour and a bit of your life back. It wouldn’t even be good to watch drunk or otherwise.

That being said if it’s on and you’re not sort of paying attention it’s ok. If your kids want something dumb to laugh at like hsarks flying through the air eating eachother it’s great. Dont expect much more.

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