Tough Mudder

Adam and I both come up with our fair share of strange ideas. His whale farming, no it’s not a typo trust me, idea springs to mind. So the other day Adam say to me he has decided he wants to run Tough Mudder in November in Sydney and he wants me to go in it with him. Tough Mudder for those who don’t know is an obstacle course race full of mud, obstacles, ice water and minor electric currents. Every year it becomes more ridiculous and bigger. Look at any of the videos online and you can see the insanity.

Now I have arthritis and a terrible feet so the first thing I thought of was how in the actual hell I was going to be able to make it through. Then Ads pointed out that you don’t have to run and do every single obstacle. Ok, so one less worry. He also pointed out that it’s a nice training goal to have even if we don’t quite get there. So I started looking at guides and training schedule on how to go from low fitness to Tough Mudder. About 3 months out you start to train for specific events and get your fitness right up. 6 months out you increase your running and start focusing on body weight exercises. So that means for the next 2 months or so I’m going to get used to getting back into the swing of the gym, stretching and just being active.

The other side of this is food. I decided that my body will change over the course of this journey as I’m working out but I wont be activly tracking my food or following a diet. I’m just going to eat good food and let my body do what it does. I feel as if trying to track my food will be one extra thing on my already full plate. As I’m not training to fit a weight class if I don’t lose weight it wont matter.

Ultimatly I’m going to train to finish. Not in the worlds fastest time. Not even to be competitive, just to finish. I’ve done a bunch of other things that are equally crazy just not physically challenging. No reason I’m unable do this right? Right?

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