People think I’m wierd

When people find out I read Tarot cards or have crystals they kinda look at me either two ways. They either think it’s cool and want to chat about what I’m into and thir own experiences. The second reaction is that they think I’m off my face and a bit crazy.  The most instant reaction is to ask if I’m mentally ill or ask if I believe in medicine and science. That’s a yes to both incase you’re wondering but my metal illness has nothing to do with the tarot cards. The second group like it tell me why my Tarot cards, crystals or claircognizance is all rubbish. They think I’m wierd.

So they think I’m wierd. Who isn’t. I’m no wierder than people who eat kale or lift the heavy shit for fun or those who dress up with their mates as their favorite super hero. Why does it matter if others think you’re wierd. If someone I work with for 33.5hrs a week or some other thinks I’m a nut that’s ok. If they think I’m full of crap that’s ok I’m not about to go pushing my beliefs on them.

For me my wierdness and ‘woo’ is a comfort. Being the mum to a couple of wonderful kids with extra needs can be stressful. Along with work and all the life stuff it can at some points be a bit of a time. If my daily tarot draws and holding onto a shiny crystal remind me to calm my shit or help me through my day you be your butt I’m going to do it. Sort of like the person that looks for comfort in religion, wine or The Bachelor.

You do you. Get wierd. Be happy.

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