Taylor Swift

So last year I did a bit of a musical experiment where I looked at different musical styles and tried to work out if they were for me. This year I’m going to try the same thing with varioius musicians and groups. First up is Taylor Swift.

This is the girl notorious for a good break up or betrayal song and having a superstar ‘squad’. In a lot of cases you can hear exactly which song is about a break up because she doesn’t mince words. She runs the whole gamut of human experience.

Her songs arent terrible and they’re catchy as hell. You can’t tell me at some point you haven’t caught yourself bopping along to Shake It Off or We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Would I go listening to Taylor Swift regularly? No, I dont think I could put myself through that much emotional turmoil on a regular basis. However if you’re looking for a specialist song she’s your girl. Got kids you don’t want growing up – there’s a song. On off relationship – got a song. Got haters – there are several songs. Break up? – have an album. Best girlfriends on a night out – she’s got something for you. Feeling some teenage confusion – there’s a song. A Taylor for all seasons.

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