Food Revolution

Let me back fill the last couple of weeks for you – suffering a run of depression, feel like hot garbage AND everything went begerk. Last weeks of the Febuary challenge went well. I had a personal loan pay out paid off. I also discovered that I don’t spend as much money as I thought on random coffee but it’s mostly on top up groceries getting close to pay day. All in all I got to the bottom of where our money sinks are and they are easily plugged.

This brings me to the March Simple Living challenge. This month is called Food Revolution and it’s about going back to basics. It’s pretty much the food I remember as a kid. Home made as much as possible relying in minimal convenince food. It’s a lot of batch cooking, slow cooker meals and menu planning. The book also talks a lot about buying in season and using cheaper cuts of meat.

Ok cool.

I like the idea. I love the idea. LIVE for the idea. HOWEVER our children are funny about food and have a limited diet. Not because they are deliberatly fussy because it’s just one of those things that comes with an autism diagnosis sometimes –  food aversions.We don’t do soups or stew because of texture which is heartbreaking cause I make a bad ass pea and ham soup. I mean I could do some in a batch for Adam and I but I don’t like the idea of us tucking into a big hearty awesome meal and then doing snitzels on the side for one kidn and pasta for the other kid. This is where the relying less on packaged food comes in. No poppers =  two drink bottles to school because he can’t have juice in the one allowed in the classroom. It also means trying to get our son to bring home 2 drink bottles which would be a task. The amount of things he likes in his lunch box is small and cutting out things like his Carmello Koalas and chips means there is next to nothing in the lunchbox.

The other thing that strikes me as a challenge for this is the fact that it’s going to require a lot to time to pull this off. Now you know I’m a bit of a planning and organisational freak. This is because I have a crazy limited amount of time and have to be. Cool. Also, being a former chef means that meal prep is like breathing. Something I could do in my sleep and is second nature. This sort of set up is time consuming and for someone who has limited time (I mean with this blog you’d never know that but I see this as a form of self care/therapy) and I question exactly how much time this is gonna take to get going.

Stay tuned and all will be revealed.

Vive la revolution….or summin.

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