Once Upon a Deadpool

What is it that you love about Deadpool? Me its the acknowledgement that Ryan Reynolds is really my spirit animal and that if I was to evolve into my work final form it would infact be Deadpool himself. It’s the rough as hell one liners and fantastic action scenes that make you love it even harder.

Well, Once Upon a Deadpool only has part of that. It’s got none of the swearing and some scenes have been changed to reduce the rating to a PG 13 movie. This was because its a charity project to benefit a cancer charity. There is also the appearence of Fred Savage in a sort of repeat of his Princess Bride performance.

All in all it’s still the same plot line and funny as hell. It just doesn’t have that same crude element of the original. I wouldn’t say it’s any worse but it’s something you could watch with your kids and not have to worry about the language too much. There is also little in jokes, pop culture references and the same griping about Wolverine. The other thing is that this version of Deadpool does make the story slow somewhat but its not the worst thing that’s ever happened.

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