I listen to lots of podcasts. One of my favorites is the Business Boutique podcast. It’s by an amazing woman Christy Wright who’s whole jam is helping women succeed in business. It’s got a religious bent but I can get past that to get to the good stuff.

Anywho Christy refers a lot to different seasons in your life. Things happen and different things happen as a result. Sometimes we’re full of fun, productivity and inspiration. Other times it’s lean, cold and we have no idea what in the actual fuck we’re doing or where it’s all headed

I’m having one of those seasons right now. I’ve got my hands full organising both kids therapies for this year. Sorting out our lives accordingly because last year we only had our son going to speech etc and this year we’ll have our daughter with speech, occupational therapy (OT) and psych. We also have to find a support worker to help out with our daughter. I haven’t had time for anything fitness related (training for a Tough Mudder? What’s that?). Finding the time to blog or take any form of photos has also been hard. Plus work and all the other life stuff (we’ve had 2 rounds of a plague house recently…) it’s a bit of a mind bend.

That’s just this season of life for me at the moment. Until I figure out what in the actual hell is happening we’re just going to have to do what we can do. Blog where I can. Do fitness when I can. If I’m sliding in sideways clutching a piece of hematite and a cup of coffee some weeks so be it. This season will end at some point though. We’ll move through into abundance, fun and good times. My shit will be sorted and I’ll back on top but for now I just have to play my current hand to the best of my advantage and wait.

Also celebrate said periods of life. Kicking goals and setting up things to carry you through the lean times? High five! Watching all your hard work flourish into something beautiful? Yeeewww! Going through a lean time where it’s all shenanigans but everyone is fed and no one died? You did great. Throwing out and auditing things that no longer serve you in your life? Get at it! Celebrate what you’re going through and similarly go easy on yourself on those days it just doesn’t happen for you. You did your best and tomorrow is a new chance to kick ass.

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