I have plantar fascitis in my left foot and it just doesn’t want to heal. It suck and I spend a lot of time with chronic foot pain. It also means it can be really difficult at the gym and because of this I’ve tried doing some yoga. One of the women at work Rika is always talking about how great it is for you (her husband is a yoga teacher) so I figure I could give it a go.

I jumped on YouTube and looked up ‘Yoga for beginners’ and found a great channel SaraBeth Yoga. The reason I like this particualr channel is that its a regular looking woman doing it, she has different types of videos e.g. hips and hamstring  and they aren’t longer than say half hour. Its something I could realistically do after work or on the weekend while the kids are roaming about the house.

The actual workouts are pretty good. The only one I didn’t like was the bedtime yoga one. I’m not as flexible as I used to be so trying to bend my arms back and around even when laying down was pretty hard. The workout for chronic injury was really nice too even though it required a lot of putting your feet over your head.

It’s definatly something I will continue to do. The only real side effect that I had, if you call it that, was the next day I cracked and popped a lot. I think that was because my slightly run in body was getting used to moving about again.

10/10 would recommend.

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